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The technology of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) used in modern automobiles has been around for over a hundred years. It predates radio, airplanes, television, penicillin, polio vaccine, nuclear energy, the internet and cell phones. While modern vehicle engines are controlled by computers, their efficiency still averages about 18%. That's all.

Over 80% of the total energy contained in gasoline is wasted as heat in engine exhaust and through cylinder walls, and consumed as friction and work to drive onboard equipment. At slow speeds the efficiency is even lower, as less useful work is being performed.

The efficiency of an internal combustion engine, either gasoline or diesel, can be dramatically improved by injecting a very small amount of a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases into the engine's air intake.

The Empire Hydroxy Fuel Enhancement System™ can be installed on any internal combustion engine which burns gasoline, diesel fuel or propane. It produces hydrogen and oxygen from water on demand by electrolysis. The hydrogen, which has a much higher flame speed than gasoline or diesel vapour, acts much like a catalyst, causing the fuel to burn faster, cleaner and more completely. This results in cleaner exhaust emissions, improved gas mileage and increased power.


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 April 22, 2016:      

Dhillon Truck Repair, a major transport service shop in Surrey, BC, signs on as the newest Empire Hydrogen Sales and Installation Centre.
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 January 15, 2016:

The first series of truck engine tests on the new BCIT dynamometer show increases in power with the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System.
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 June 26, 2015:

Empire Hydrogen saves a BC construction company $2,000 per week on fuel costs for one generator
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 February 3, 2015:

VICTORIA TIMES COLONIST - Financial News Article: Sidney firm Empire aims for clean, efficient engines
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 December 20, 2013:

The Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System has been upgraded for the Commercial Trucking Market.
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   June 21 , 2012:

Empire Hydrogen Systems have produced substantial improvements in fuel consumption in large-engine"Big Rigs".
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   March 26, 2012:

Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System will be lab tested by BCIT as a research project of the Institute's School of Transportation.
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   April 28, 2011:

Delivery Truck Achieves Better Performance and Lower Fuel Consumption.
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   November 2, 2009:

British Columbia "Air Care" Vehicle Emission Tests measure extremely low levels of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in exhaust gases on vehicle with Empire Oxy-Hydrogen Boost System installed.
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